Without realising it, your employees or fellow staff members may be experiencing unnecessary difficulties in the workplace which, over time, could be resulting in low productivity. Underachieving employee performance at work can be caused by a variety of factors; from miscommunication and bad delegation through the chain of management, to stress and dropping staff morale. Today we are looking at the latter and some of the surprising ways people can be affected negatively by the setup of their office environment.

Noise Pollution

 In every office, there are expected levels of sound pollution which most people find manageable. This becomes a problem however when noise is a constant distraction for employees. Sometimes only one portion of a building can be affected, but for the staff members who are working day in and day out under conditions of off-putting and avoidable noise, a marked drop in enthusiasm and concentration can be expected.

Offices located in urban areas or within industrial parks will always suffer from noise pollution due to traffic. Offices that share a building, or ones designed with thin walls can fall victim to noise issues also.

In such circumstances, it is recommended to first identify which sections of the office are being affected. Find out by observing for yourself and also by asking staff if they feel their performance is diminished due to loud noise. There are several methods an employer can then take, including the installation of soundproof windows and wall panels. In some cases, it may literally involve the closing of doors and windows during times of intense sound. The important point is to be mindful of the effects of sound and be proactive if necessary.


Bad lighting can, over time, result in diminished productivity if not addressed. The best option is to assess what will work in your office space. For instance, people can actually have worsened migraines and strained eyesight problems due to large fluorescent and garish lights, however the opposite setting can also lead to similar problems. If your office is on the darker side for example, people could also experience similar difficulties from inadequate lighting.

The solution may be that employees might require a lamp at their desk, particularly during the winter months. It could also be that the kind of roof lights you are using are simply not good enough for working conditions. Making note of this and taking measures to rectify it will help employees work at a happier and higher functionality. See the Gannon Ergonomics range for information about desk lighting solutions.


Taking pre-emptive measures to deal with temperatures in the workplace will reduce discomfort among staff and allow them the energy to focus on the task at hand. This is especially important during the winter months. Nobody wants to sit and work at a desk while shivering from the cold. If a manager is truly invested in the success of his/her employees, then it is best to ensure that heating is adequate. Additionally, issues such as cold spaces and drafts should be dealt with.

Companies that apply a standard uniform policy can benefit in employee satisfaction by allowing personal dress variations depending on the season.

The important thing to take away from this is that while there are many varying factors that can contribute to low staff morale and decreased productivity, you can solve the problem by being observant and proactive. Even if the issues may not appear dire or significantly distressing upon first thought, an employer will stand to benefit by always considering the experiences of his/her staff.

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