Our Aim:

To provide our customers with the highest level of Service in the industry.


We have over 20 years of industry experience. Our Technology support technicians receive continual training and development. This ensures that we can deliver the service you need now and into the future.


Spare Parts Availability.

We maintain a large stock of spare parts to ensure the maximum uptime of your equipment. Our engineers carry all commonly required parts in their cars (which get replenished overnight). We are establishing local parts drops for even greater convenience. This means greater percentage of first time fix rate.

Pre-Deliveries Installation(PDI).

Our equipment is built, configured and tested in our PDI centre prior to delivery. The machine is then ready to plug and play when delivered, thus causing minimum disruption to your business.

Pre-Emptive Trouble-Shooting.

Our online service tool gives up-to-date information about your machine and details of any potential problems. This allows us to be pre-emptive in our service support for your device.

Sounds pretty good?

Here are even more good reasons to take out a service contract with Gannon Office Solutions:

Simple Contract Terms:

  • 90-day cancellation period.

  • Limited costs (where applicable) for contract cancellations.

  • No minimum charges where customers pay for something they have not received.

  • Clear contracts (written in plain English) with a clear explanation of the roles of both parties.

Service Response Measurement:

  • In order to provide the highest level of service we continuously measure our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • Machine Up-Time.

  • First Time Fix.

  • Average Response Time.