Fogra is an internationally recognised independent institute working in the design and print industries that certifies technology in relation to colour accuracy. It provides an objective benchmark for quality standards across the industry and enables both vendors and print providers to assess the capabilities of all digital presses which are rigorously tested in a controlled environment.

Fogra evaluation and accreditation enables comparisons to be made between digital presses across criteria such as accurate colour reproduction and also consistency across multiple print runs. This is important because quality was referenced as a very high priority by 79% of print buyers in a recent EMEA study commissioned by Canon (Insight 2020 – Creating Customer Value).

The new imagePRESS C10010VP, launched by Canon on 1st September this year, is the latest model in the imagePRESS range to have achieved Fogra PSD (Process Standard Digital) certification, conforming to Fogra51. This means that all current imagePRESS models have been awarded Fogra accreditation at the highest possible Print Quality Class, grade A, in every paper and device controller combination.

As such, print providers will know when buying an imagePRESS that they are capable of achieving Fogra accreditation themselves which can provide an important competitive advantage when seeking to win new business and retain customers.

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