The Benefits of Managed Print Services

Last time we discussed how you can go eco-friendly in the office. Today we are looking at the benefits of having Managed Print Services (MPS) in your workplace. What is a Managed Print Service?

An MPS is a professional service that supplies, sets up and provides regular support to an integrated print system. More and more people are choosing MPS for their workplace, which will have a direct positive impact in the following ways:

Limitation of Waste

Using Managed Print Services means that you have far more efficient printing. Staff can often make avoidable errors with printing due to a lack of clarity in how to use printers or outdated technology. If mistakes are being made less and technology is functioning well, there will be a reduction of unnecessary paper waste and your paper costs will go down as well.

Reduction in Energy Usage

MPS providers help to properly manage and make the best use of the printers in your workplace. They take into account factors such as the average usage of printers and their locations in relation to staff. As a result, there is often a reduction of printers by optimising and centralising the service. Having fewer printers operating at the time will cut down your unnecessary power usage. Cutting down on electricity in your office will improve its environmental footprint and cost less.

Fewer Printer Supplies Required

If there are fewer printers and wasted resources being used in your office under an MPS solution, then your office won’t need to continuously buy new toner, ink and paper.

Repair and IT

Without proper management, your printing systems will inevitably run into problems eventually. If you have an IT department, this can force tech staff to put other projects on hold in order to fix the problem. Without an IT department, you will most likely be making calls for on-site assistance from an outside provider. This is more of a financial drain if you have lots of printers in the office, instead of a more centralised printing system. Having a proper MPS system in place will greatly lessen the requirement for such measures.

High-Quality Equipment

In addition to not having to rely on outsourcing your problems to an IT vendor, your printers will generally function at a much higher level of performance under print management. This is because printers will be up to date with the latest software and models.

Being in Safe Hands

Implementing a Managed Print Service from a reliable company will ensure the setup, method and management are suited to your specific requirements. Gannon Office Solutions listen to and work with clients every step of the way, as well as using audits and regular reviews, to determine the best MPS solution for you.

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