Repetition of a movement, inactivity and bad posture in the workplace can all, over time, lead to physical problems such as Repetitive Strain injury. Often, we are causing unnecessary strain to ourselves without even being aware.

In addition to this, there are increased risks of more serious health problems in later life. Those who remain seated for prolonged and extended periods of time without break can be at risk.

Here are easy ways you can enact healthier physical wellbeing.

Get up From the Desk

One of the best things you can do in an office to disrupt the negative effects of sedentary habits is to simply stand up and get away from your desk momentarily. Activity is key to a healthy heart, mind and muscles.

Every thirty minutes or so, see if you can try just standing up and moving around a little. That could involve a quick stroll to the canteen or water-cooler. Why not keep yourself hydrated in the process?

Be Mindful of your General Posture

Sitting in a chair for long periods, even with momentary thirty-minute breaks, can still negatively affect your back. This is typically due to posture and positioning. Better posture and small movements will reduce stiffness and over time strengthen weak muscles that contribute to bad posture. If you are sitting at your desk right now, try;

  • Placing both feet flat on the floor, or moving them into a position that causes you to sit straight in the chair.
  • Stop slouching and you may immediately see a pressure reduction in your back and neck. This may in time help to loosen your shoulders also.
  • Practice gently pulling in your core muscles as if you are aiming to pull your belly in towards your back. This will not only help to remedy your posture, it will also strengthen your core over time.

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