In recent years we have seen the modern workplace evolve and change for the better. Gone are the days of accepting stuffy offices with uncomfortable furniture and staff feeling isolated at work. Today, Gannon is taking a look at the top office trends for 2020.

Using Ergonomic Furniture

 As we have said in the past, ergonomic design is about making sure your office is best suited for staff and productivity. Studies have shown time and time again that there are increased risks of repetitive strain injury (RSI) and other negative repercussions due to prolonged bad posture. Bad posture is a result of having uncomfortable seating and desks.

Move over rigid desks and stubborn chairs!

Offices are now, more than ever, seeing a rise in better quality design. Workstations are, as a result, getting healthier and safer. See our previous blogs on the subject for more information:

 Becoming Environmentally Conscious

Another big trend that’s starting to take effect throughout the workplace is that people will make the effort to be eco-friendly. This is not only because of the positive environmental effects. Environmental awareness has never been more of a hot-button topic, so brands stand to gain the right kind of PR attention when they go green. According to Forbes, a  “sustainable brand is one that has successfully integrated environmental, economic and social issues into its business operations”.

So as a result, many offices in 2020 will be taking more action to implement more eco-friendly solutions, such as;

  • Using Compostable Products
  • Buying Office Plants
  • Recycling Electrical Items
  • Being Energy Efficient

Utilising Natural and ‘White’ Light

Let there be light!

New offices are now taking the opportunity, where possible, to maximise the use of natural light. This is due to the higher rates of performance and emotional health in employees.

However, it’s hard for everyone to afford the luxury of wondrous natural sunlight, beaming into the office every day. So the alternative solution that people will be going for in 2020 is ‘white light’. ‘Turnable White’ light uses what more people are starting to call ‘human-centric lighting’. Basically, you will still gain the positive effects of natural light in the workplace by using Turnable White technology in 2020.


Open Spaces & Cooperative Working

Office culture is seeing a change toward cooperative working. This means that communication and teamwork are central to the workplace. Throughout 2020 and beyond, we may see the scrapping of claustrophobic boardrooms, for communal meeting areas and a general focus on making the office a place that employees want to be in.

Old-school cubicles are being replaced with trendy office-pods which offer a friendly place for staff to brainstorm ideas or have meetings with clients. The office of the 2020s will be people-focused.


Stay up to date with office trends and ergonomic solutions.

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