Whilst making personal changes can be a good thing, you might need to look at your business and see if changes are required there also from an IT perspective.

Virus writers, hackers, spammers are getting more and more ingenious in their methods of getting at your data. Over the course of 2015, we had several people contact us with regards to their data being encrypted after opening a spurious email. Only one of those three had a backup of their data.  It wasn’t nice to have to tell them there was nothing we could do for them from a technical point of view.  Their data was being held to ransom. They had to decide whether they could live without that data or pay for the unlocking key.  It was a tough situation.

So, with that in mind, how safe is your data?

There are plenty of good free anti-virus packages out there, but if your data is critical, we would suggest using a paid service. It’s the added functionality that paid software offers that can make the difference.