Be Modern in both Design and Attitude!

As we have discussed before, offices have come a long way since their humble beginnings. The outdated setup of closed-off and isolated cubicles is being replaced by open-plan, flexible and agile workspaces. 

Agile work means that staff are brought together as a team in a productive environment, with fewer constraints, leading to better staff morale and higher productivity. An Interior Landscaping company, Ambius, has revealed that there will be a move in 2020 and onwards towards cooperative workplaces in office design trends.

We’ve also seen how a growing younger workforce will come to expect more flexible surroundings and modernised workplaces. So the key message to take home is that the more you make your office a place they want to be in, the higher the overall productivity. From now on this is what employees will come to expect.

Flexible workspaces tend to use a more open-space model, which encourages cooperative working. When staff feel less restricted in their workplace, there’s more group engagement in your company. People are creative and motivated when they can move around freely and chat about the day-to-day job details with colleagues. 

Open Spaces For Cooperative Working

So, how can we promote this kind of work-life in-keeping with modern office design? The first step is to move away from focusing just on private offices in order to make people feel more part of the team. This isn’t to say that everything must now be open-space, but a healthy balance in the office will benefit you and your business.

Instead of having stuffy meeting rooms for example, why not have your conference area right in the centre of the workplace? This will be more informal and provide a multipurpose seating area for brainstorming, socialising and client meetings. See More

Cooperative ‘Meeting Pods’

Another trend which is being quickly adapted is the incorporating of ‘meeting pods’ into the office. These pods provide a fresh and modern take on the idea of collaborative work and one-to-one business meetings. Comfortable and accessible pods fit perfectly into the open-plan workspace, offering a healthy mix of intimacy and flexibility over traditional seating arrangements. See More

Soft and Easy Furniture

In-keeping with the less formal office theme, softer casual furniture is another great option. Staff and customers will be more comfortable and at ease when discussing business. This approach is less ‘official’ and feels more genuine. Softer seating can also be utilised as a place of relaxation for staff during breaks, to come back just as motivated.
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Gannon Office Solutions

At Gannon, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve and we are always evolving. If you are interested in having an open-space, flexible office, Gannon caters for all budgets and individual requirements. Get in touch with us today.

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At Gannon, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve and we are always evolving. If you are interested in having an open-space, flexible office, Gannon caters to all budgets and individual requirements. If you want to invest in high-quality ergonomic products, see our partner website Gannon Ergonomics. For more news, check out our blog.